Interactive Brain Maps

Ever get a little frustrated with the number of adjectives tacked onto the word "cortex" (e.g., dorso-lateral prefrontal, anterior inferotemporal, ventral frontoparietal)? How about with all those weird subcortical structures (e.g., superior cerebellar peduncle, lateral geniculate nucleus)? I do.

Brush up on your neuroanatomy with BrainTutor, a free interactive brain mapping tool in which you can rotate and zoom around an accurate brain (based on MRI data) in three dimensions. It will even label the names of different regions at your preferred level of analysis (lobes, gyri, and sulci).

Now, if only each region was automatically linked to a Google scholar search...

EDIT: Be sure to check out Sylvius too, a web app which may actually be better for quickly finding a specific sulcus or gyrus.


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