Blogging on the Brain: 9/3 to 9/9

Highlights from the week in brain blogging:

The picture is from a post on Andrew Carnie - a "time-based" visual artist with an interest in brain-related subject matter.

BrainTechSci reveals that "open access journals" (like PLOS) actually charge authors over $2,000 to publish a single article. Is this policy likely to result in the publication of good science?

Brainethics (and several others) all cover new findings on facial imitation in neonatal primates.

The Neurophilosopher discusses similarities in spatial memory strategies across the primates, yet differences in the developmental trajectory of these strategies.

Omnibrain covers the brain bar - an EEG-based bartender that will mix your drinks based on a custom cognitive diagnosis! More pictures at the Neurocritic.

New algorithms for adaptive classification of EEG-based brain computer interface signals, and fascinating work showing single-trial fMRI is no longer a thing of science fiction.

Neural operations that give rise to a sense of self.

AI toys only 20 years away?


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