Blogging on the Brain: 8/22 - 9/2

Highlights from the last few weeks in brain blogging:

The Neurogenesis debate continues as MindBlog covers two recent studies that failed to find evidence of adult neurogenesis - and yet a third that did.

Speaking of neurogenesis, Frontal Cortex reports on a new project by Elizabeth Gould, a big player in the adults neurogenesis debate.

Thomas at Brain Ethics talks about the computational functions common to regions in the the temporal lobe and how this is revising our understanding of modularity in the brain.

Neuromarketing blog covers a new type of single unit recording - using nanowires!

Neurodudes reports on spotaneous synaptic remodeling in "cortical microcircuitry" on the timescale of hours.

Finally, Boulder-refugee Coffee Mug (now at Gene Expression) covers the mechanisms of LTP and memory consolidation in far more detail than my post earlier this week.

Have a nice weekend!


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