Blogging on the Brain: 10/20 - 11/5

Recent highlights from the best in brain blogging:

First, check out the Synapse #10, and don't forget to submit to the next synapse this week!

SharpBrains links to interviews with Eric Kandel, Liz Phelps, and Rebecca Saxe among others.

Kibra polymorphism: One genetic influence on individual differences in long-term memory ability

Genes and Intelligence: A cotwin study of gray and white matter densities, correlated with IQ

While we're on the topic, BrainEthics has a nice roundup a new articles in Science, Nature Neuroscience, and Cognition which focus on "cognitive genetics"

Paul discusses the most recent PNAS paper to make the mainstream news: are elephants self-aware? (Also here and here).

Brain and Body at Peripersonal Space

3d imaging of cell death in Alzheimer's

Is music a "visual language" to the brain?

A review of Hauser's new book, and the idea of a "moral grammar"

Have a nice weekend!


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