Blogging on the Brain: 9/9-10/9

Highlights from the best in brain blogging (there's a lot here... it's been a while!):

The best psychology articles from the last three years?

Ramachandran on consciousness and "metarepresentation" (A video from Ramachandran's Almaden lecture is here)

A Student's Guide to The Cognitive and Neuroscience Web

Distinguishing Self from Other in the Mirror Neuron System (another article on this topic at Mixing Memory)

BrainEthics covers recent news that perception of a "shadow self" can be induced by stimulation of the temporoparietal junction. Another article here, and another here.

Localizing recollection, familiarity and novelty in the medial temporal lobe

Confabulation and Distortion - Do you think you know a pathological liar?

Music and the Developing Brain - A topic of perennial interest, thanks to the "Mozart Effect"

More Interactive Brain Maps

Beautiful Images from Ernst Haeckel! How many scientists these days can draw like this?

Auditory mirror neurons at Mixing Memory, who's doing a great job of separating the grain from the chaff with regard to mirror neurons.

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