Blogging on the Brain: 7/23-7/30

Highlights from the week in brain blogging:

MindHacks: If you're not reading Mind Hacks on a daily basis, you are probably not interested in cognitive science at all. But in the off chance you missed a few posts this week, check out The Flynn Effect is Reversing (also at American Scientist), a recap of the mirror neuron hubub, and an fMRI mind-reading competition (with support from Nature Neurosci!).

MindBlog covers articles in J Neurosci and Nature Neurosci on language and the role of anterior cingulate in remembering past rewards, respectively.

Brain Ethics covers a recent slew of articles about how electromagnetic cell phone radiation may affect cognition.

Over 10 years of lectures from the Irvine Health Foundation on autism, memory retrieval, language acquisition, dreams, and memory architecture.

All in the Mind is an excellent weekly show on Australian national radio, focusing on advances in cognitive sciences.

Al Fin has a fascinating post on military robots (also see my previous post on the same topic).


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