Blogging on the Brain: May 20-27, 2006

Cognitive Daily covers a fascinating experiment showing that many children may be synaesthetes.

Mind Hacks covers the recent discovery that Ambien - a common sleeping medication - may actually be capable of waking patients from vegetative comas. Al Fin recently covered this as well.

Speaking of Al Fin, here's a post on how two receptor types may interact via a protein called PSD95, and how this may relate to Alzheimers.

A fascinating comparison between cocaine and ritalin at Myomancy.

An interesting post at OmniBrain about the "directional challenges" that face people like my wife daily.

The Genius covers noise in the brain and gene expression.

And, on a humorous note, Neuronerd covers the two biggest neuroscience discoveries of the century: "The Brain Holds the Key to Unlock Lost Memories", and "the Poverty Gene".

Have a nice weekend!


Blogger Dan Dright said...

Why, you! Those were very SERIOUS posts! I am shocked, shocked, that you do not see the potential importance of the poverty gene!


5/28/2006 10:18:00 PM  

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