Blogging on the Brain: May 1-6, 2006

Some highlights from the week in brain blogging:

LTP in CA1 from low-frequency stimulation: Typically, low frequency stimulation leads to depression of synaptic activity, but Neuronerd finds a case in hippocampal cells, in which it leads to long-term potentiation! Very interesting, and should tell us more about the way this fascinating brain structure works.

Memory juggling: Eide Neurolearning briefly covers a fascinating paper from PNAS on developmental changes in working memory.

A social contructivist look at ADHD, and whether it's all in our heads, at Myomancy blog.

Social isolation delays the positive effects of running on adult neurogenesis (Neurodudes)

A neuroscience podcast series (including interviews with Eric Kandel) from Neurofuture

You can’t hide your lying eyes from Thinking Meat

Wanted: Psychometricians over at IQ's Corner

And finally, some nice neurotransmitter jewelry, discovered by Mind Hacks.

Have a nice weekend!


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