Blogging on the Brain: The Week in Review

Following Mixing Memory's lead, I thought I'd make a habit of linking to choice reading from recent brain-blogging. So here's the first "digest" in what I hope will be a series of weekly posts.

Neurochip followup: Neurofuture does some investigative blogging on one of the biggest "news" items this week, a brain-machine interface which is capable of recording from over 16,000 neurons at once.

Boolean Gene Expression Map of the Brain: Logic of Expression: Al Fin takes a look at how dynamic and complex the underlying logic of gene expression actually is.

Maybe they'll find the OFF switch for my 2-year old: Brainscan Blog points out a nice article by Max Sutherland on transcranial magnetic stimulation, one of the newest technologies in the cognitive neuroscientists' toolbox, and one that promises to deliver causal as opposed to merely correlational explanatory power to brain-based psychology.

The double deficit dyslexia hypothesis revisited: IQ's Corner points out a nice article from the Journal of Learning Disabilities on the 'double deficit' hypothesis of dyslexia.

Brain Imaging Techniques or Technocolor Phrenology? GNIF Brain Blogger takes a skeptical view towards the contribution that fMRI and other imaging technologies have provided to our understanding of human psychology. I'd love to see the folks at Eide Neurolearning respond to some of these claims.

More on Monday; until then, have a nice weekend...


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